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Share and communicate with others nearby & around the world. A social networking app for iPhone.


Share what you love, are interested in or intrigued by. If you are a band or venue or store, give people info and promotions that will interest them.


BounceChat is a simple way to capture and share moments nearby. Share a photo and message to people within range and view cool places, people and events near your location.

Share your Bounces to people just in your neighborhood or your whole city, or around the planet, you decide the range and how long they last.

See your local universe through the eyes of creative people. Every time you open BounceChat, you’ll find new photos and messages of memorable moments within 100 yards, a 100 miles or from around the world.

People use BounceChat to:

* Share photos and messages on a map of special moments.
* Include nearby people with local Bounces and exclude people who are too far away.
* Find events, restaurants, activities, and people with common interests nearby.
* Broadcast deals and special offers to people near a business.
* Optionally hide your location while still broadcasting your message.


happy customer

"Finally - a time and location stamp app that allows passing information, pics and links ... Facebook move over."

- Kudos 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Great way to find out what's happening and find new peeps in town."

- Henn111 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Enjoying Bounce in Maui. Fun to see how others are using App on the islands. My nieces and nephews turned me onto it after discovering on campus."

- Wubu27 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Can hardly wait for my friends and students to share bouncing. Will use to share items at my speaking events."

- Snooki3 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"I'm in Mammoth and was able to find awesome spots and deals to check out while here."

- Jenileehugs 5/5 Stars!


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